Over 50,000 designs to select from our catologues and showroom samples.

24 hour turn around for most orders.

SAME DAY QUICK BURN available at an extra

fee - bring in your wax by 11:00AM or choose

from our molds and have your raw casting ready

by 3:00PM the same day.

CASTING EVERY DAY IN: all karats of gold, platinum, palladium, karat gold and, palladium mix, silver, white, yellow ( bronze ) and red alloy.

KARATS INCLUDE: 10KT, 14KT, 18KT, 19KT " SUPER WHITE " which doesn't need rhodium, 22KT and 24KT. Custom karating also available like 8KT, 9KT, 12KT and 21KT

CASTING IN ALL COLOURS of gold from standard yellow to ultra-yellow, white to green,

pink to red.

All our precious metals ( castings ) are mixed from pure gold, platinum, palladium and silver. We never use scrap metals.

FINE QUALITY CASTING FROM: injection wax, CAD wax, CAD resin, milled wax, plastic injection from metal mold and some organic materials.

CASTING WITH CUSTOMERS GOLDS. We offer casting from customers scrap or from 24KT to be alloyed to desired karat and colour. Call for more information.

DIAMOND CAST available on request with an extra fee. Please call for more information

FULL CAD BUILD AND PRINT SERVICE for casting or for full production.